Cooling water is not enough the first hot corrosion
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 Cooling water is not enough the first hot corrosion caused by carbide cutting tools. When the milling, when the depth of shallow (5cm below) should reduce the amount of cooling Lathe Toolswater spray Segment in order to throw the material to reduce the milling tool and being under the probability of contact materials to reduce tool wear. carbide head, 2. cutter body, 3. Knife between the body and elastic sleeve has been catching sand, milling cutter body when the flexible pouches can not rotate, resulting in partial cutting tool wear.

Failure Factors



Carbide head on the cutter body by brazing, it directly involved in the milling of pavement; retaining ring knife body and a knife block separated so that no direct contact with the knife block, knife block to protect from being worn; Scarifier cutter Tool Installation in the knife block, through the tool tight elastic sleeve with the installation hole in the knife block, while the flexible pouches knife physical rotation tool in the milling process to ensure even wear and tear.. Not under the milling surface hardness to select the match with the milling cutter, resulting in abnormal wear of the tool. retaining ring, 4.

The rational use of three tools

Tool for the above four failure factors, proposed by the rational use of tools measures:

In order to avoid interfering in a knife block tool wear caused by excessive wear, recommend the following milling speed and milling depth of the corresponding table:

Milling depth of the larger, the tool in contact with the material the longer the more friction and heat in order to avoid carbide cutter head heat loss, the need to increase the amount of cooling water spray Segment. Milling speed and milling does not match the depth of wear and tear caused by a knife block is a professional manufacturer of , we offer various of Cheap as your requirement.

Under the power of size of the milling machine, milling of hard and soft road conditions in the selection of cutting tools
Wirtgen listed under the outstanding tools and tool Knnametal selection of operating conditions in different construction

Every 6 to 8 hours of work, inspection tool rotation and wear, ensure that the installation tool can be freely rotating knife block hole, the tool should be the timely replacement of serious wear and tear; tools extend the length of the impact on the construction quality of the more large, the replacement tool to make to ensure the extended length of the line tool; if half of milling tool wear serious need of replacement, it is recommended to replace the entire tool is out; used, but wear and tear is not serious re-combined into a set of tools, continue to be used this way, can guarantee the quality of road construction, but also to extend the tool life, reduce construction costs.

The scarifier cutter tool consists of four parts: 1.


Through the above analysis and concluded that with the construction process, the rational use of the scarifier cutter construction quality, construction efficiency and construction cost of great significance.

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